Travel Healthy Liability Medical Insurance

Are you planing a journey abroad? Do you want to be saver by health and legal thanks the best insurance on the European market? Do you plan to make sport, adrenalin adventure, or some dangerous experience in the Czech Republic? We know that...the life is wonderful and short and full of risks in every street corner, we want to make full experience for you! Because we know how important is protect your life & health, luggages and that you will be enjoying all experiences with all kind of expensive equipment, we automatically give you healthy travel insurance and liability insurance to all of our experiences!

If you need a special insurance, our strong European insurance partner has a variety of the travel insurances.

If you are staying in Czech Republic as a resident or foreigner staying here longer than 3 mounths, we recommend you to purchase accident insurance with the highest bodily injury liability coverage limit in the Czech Republic - it covers whole world protection, 24hours/365days at work, leisure, danger behive (except alcohol and drugs), sport (except professional trainings & competitions, diving over 40m, rafting over WWIII, mountain climbing over UIAA5 level etc.), and most of our adrenalin experiences (except "flying" experiences) included. For more info please contact first us book a date so we can manage your insurance personally after your arrive to the Czech Republic. If you need a help contact us please via our email.

It´s better keep our lifes and goods safe!