Archaeological and heritage sites in the Czech Republic: Old Pilsen


Did you know that the Roman Empire feared Marcomanni tribal confederation had a capital in Bohemia and the archaeologists and historians think that it is in Pilsen region, probably just in Old Pilsen (Starý Plzenec) site? Only a few people as well know where the original Pilsen early medieval castle was located. Yes, we know it, and will take you out of the modern Pilsen, to the old ruins area where are few building remnants, as well as archaeological excavations. In Old Pilsen there are many amazing historical sites from the 9th century! We will enter the oldest building in West Bohemia and one of the oldest building in the Czech Republic. We will also travel back in time to the early Middle Ages joining the merchant caravan from Regensburg. Simultaneously we will find out about ancient settlement, international and local medieval markets, Old Pilsen agglomeration, and the significance of Pilsen Premyslid Castle. Let´s explore the Dark Age history of Starý Plzenec - Old Pilsen!

Old Pilsen
3 hours
Minimum groupsize: 
Maximum groupsize: 
33.00 € / 1 person
The price depends on number of participants.
personal archaeologist-guide, authentic experience, map, booklet, 1 x entrance, traditional refreshment, photo and video possibility, present
Extra fees and admissions: 
Private Transport - from 10 EUR; B&B - from 29 EUR / 1 person Professional Photo & Video – from 39 EUR
Not far from our site there is the emperor´s Karl IV. Radyně castle guarding merchant ways to Bavaria. This walk takes next 1-2 hours through the deep forest with a great panoramic view of Old Pilsen and new Pilsen – check it here:

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