FIREWALKING and GLASSWALKING in the Czech Republic: Bohemia

Have you ever walked through 500°C hot charkcoals or the sharpen sherds of glass without fear or burning? Have you ever got to delirium thanks to the drums? Have you jumped through the flames?

Let´s go and celebrate our existence in universe through this relaxing and exciting ceremony leading to strengthening your selfconfidence and breaking fears of acts!

Firstly you will start to prepare your mind thanks to playing drums – you will have a stronger will and relaxed mind! Secondly we will together prepare your body for a glass or fire walk!! Thirdly - you can choose from fire charkcoals or glass sherds and do the main ritual!!!

Your feeling afterwards? AWESOME! Widened Consciousness!! WINNER!!! So let´s go and do your first ancient traditional ritual of old Slavs - firewalking & glasswalking experience in the Czech Republic! Shaman is waiting for you!!

4 hours
Minimum groupsize: 
Maximum groupsize: 
69.00 € / 1 person
The price depends on number of participants.
private guide-shaman-interpretor, authentic experience, equipment rental, place rental, fire and glass, test of physical and mentally resistance, traditional refreshment, first aid, present
Extra fees and admissions: 
Private Transfer - from 10 EUR; B&B - from 29 EUR / 1 person; Profi Photo & Video - from 39 EUR
Our experienced professionals take you safety from first steps until you do it – in all weather. If you decide not to walk, it doesn´t matter - your active attendance at the ceremony will help you to release your fears and widen your limits up to unexpected!

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