Mountain Track in the Czech Republic: Šumava (Bohemian) Forest

The Šumava (Bohemian) Forest together with the neighbouring Bavarian Forest creates the most extensive forest landscape in Central Europe, called the "Green Roof of Europe". With our certified guide, you can really make a 16km track on the roof! You will walk through deep forrests full of mushrooms, avalanche fields or stone seas. You will go to the best panoramatic places in the Czechia! You will drink water from purest nature streams or eat fresh snow in the winter time! In both options you will reach few times peaks over 1300 meters above sea level!!
Šumava Mountains
9 hours
Minimum groupsize: 
Maximum groupsize: 
89.00 € / 1 person
The price depends on number of participants.
personal mountain guide, authentic experience, map, 1 x ticket cable car, 1 x menu, traditional refreshment, photo and video possibility, present
Extra fees and admissions: 
Private Transport up - from 10 EUR; B&B – from 29 EUR / 1 person; Professional Photos and Video – from 39 EUR; Trekking poles rental - 9 EUR / 1 person; Warm gloves and scarf - 19 EUR / 1 person; Raincoat - 9 EUR / 1 person
Take raincoat, warm clothes and good trekking shoes, please! This experience is not recommended for people with height fear.

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